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“I would like to thank you and your staff for the outstanding job you did in selling my home.  I could not have asked for a better agent.”                                                           

Neil Isaacs, Seller

"I'd like to thank you for all the effort put forth in getting my house sold. I really appreciate it...thank you for making this a positive experience. You and your staff are great!"  

CherylGelwix, Seller

“I just wanted to thank you for all the work you did selling our house.  If we ever wind up back in Kansas City one day house-hunting, we’ll be sure to use you and your team.”

Michael and Cara, Sellers

“Kathleen not only worked for us to sell Mom’s house, but was sensitive to our difficulties in parting with the family home.”                                            

Wanda Barnett and Ruth Brown, Sellers

“[Kathleen] without your input I wouldn’t have been so confident as pricing in the city is so high.  Thank you so much for helping.”                                                                              

Janet Organ, Realtor

 “Thank you for your calm and patient words of wisdom.  We appreciated all your efforts and help.”                                                                                                   

Mike and Roxane Hill, Sellers

“Thank you for following through with the installation of the gutters.  They look good and work well!  We appreciate your professionalism.”                            

Janice and Eric Peterson, Sellers

“Thank you for the Sunday paper with our house on it!  I wish I’d had you gals all the time I’ve been trying to sell.”                                                                                         

JA Simes, Seller

“When the house finally sold it was Kathleen that was there every step of the way.  This process would have been very difficult without her diligence.”                                 

Jewel & Geneva, Sellers

“Kathleen is organized, thorough, sensitive, gracious, and we truly felt like we had an advocate.”          

                                                                                             John & Elizabeth, Buyers and Sellers

"As slow as houses are selling right now, it is almost a miracle that you were able to sell ours. Our move was really necessary, and we appreciate your work in making it happen. We will definitely recommend you to any friends we have that are considering a move."    

Bill Hume, Seller

“After buying our current home ‘For Sale by Owner,’ I understand how helpful it is to have someone working for you. . .”                                                                                             

Jon & Shannon, Sellers